For Employers—The Alliance Framework

We are helping organizations grow healthy alliances with employees…

Allied Talent is the official provider of The Alliance and The Start-Up of You frameworks. Together they form the foundation of  management and career development best practices in the 21st century.

The Alliance Framework
We work with organizations that want to learn to better recruit, manage, and retain entrepreneurial employees—those team members who will make your company adaptive and innovative.

Drawing on lessons from Silicon Valley’s war for top talent, we teach leaders how to develop a high trust, aligned, and driven workplace. This will allow your organization to become renowned for being the launchpad to exceptional careers and a pioneer in 21st century management practices.

The social contract between employers and employees has been forced to flex significantly in today’s workplaces—and much of this shifting dynamics rests on our managers. However, managers are often the “forgotten ones” within organizations. They often get inadequate training on how to meet these responsibilities.

Allied Talent offers skill-building for managers, which allows them to have the conversations that matter most to the functional health of their team: one-on-one conversations about the mutuality of vision, goals, and career development.

Based on LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman’s ideas presented in The Alliance: Managing Talent in a Networked Age (co-authored by Ben Casnocha and Chris Yeh), the Alliance Framework truly is a new model for the employer-employee relationship.

The Start-up of You Framework
We believe that although managers should initiate career conversations with their team members, and although managers are the ones who create the conditions for trust and honesty, employees ultimately need to own their careers and, ideally, come to career conversations with concrete thoughts on their aspirations and values. Based on Reid’s and Ben’s first book, The Start-up of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career, this framework enables employees to be allies with their managers.